What’s an outrun??

It’s a lot more than a big half circle.

It’s feel, it’s scope, it’s a compass, ...but most of all it’s understanding 

Great example is I have a not so natural..(god help me, I hate that trait) I want a natural outrunner..  my girl has finally got it.. or does she?

She knows where she needs to be to keep out of trouble... finally; but if the sheep are closer she may run the same trouble free route. She’s big, deep and wide, traits we all long for.. until we don’t. 

You see a good outrunner will gauge where the sheep are and adjust accordingly.. the bad outrunner doesn’t, they just run the trouble free zone. This is a training opportunity.. time to now bring the outrun in where before it was get the outrun out. 

When we throw too much info at the training we confuse, but when they show us the training has worked, we then can train more!! 

Let the opportunity knock, don’t worry about the beginnings, it will come, it’s the midway communication that says hey I can now train this element on the outrun! 

The perfect outrunner never learns direction, the mediocre one has handle!! Pros and cons of the natural!!